Paperless Systems



TWS provide Greenlog’s Ref I/O system, considered in Europe the leader of customer oriented emptying registration system!

No other system is as well developed to handle their own customer lists and customer specific data for the best possible customer service.

Office-side software suite has been incredibly powerful tool to instantly get complete customer reports and overviews of route lists and orders.

Greenlog Ref I/O system is built in a classical way around a computer that handles the communication between emptying the registration system’s various data sensors, driver interaction and office-side servers.

Greenlog Ref I/O system supports in the current situation all or combinations of the following characteristics:

  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) on the split lift tables, single lift table, sidelift, crane and/or in combination
  • Weighing the executed movements called “difference” weight with accuracy of less than ± 0,1 kg
  • GPS positioning from both the vacation, vehicle routes and any customer specific measuring instructions.
  • Order processing of all kinds and combinations of their own orders generated or externally generated orders.
  • Route lists that are both automatically generated or extracted from customer-specific collection points.
  • Customer-specific information recorded together with orders or route lists.
  • Maps that support or complement to route lists and / or order. Optional customer-specific measurements from optional sensors.