Weighing Systems

TWS can provide you with a simple “off the shelf” solution to a sophisticated bespoke system to meet your needs and to help increase productivity and efficiency. Greenlog Systems provides simple weighing solutions for all waste and recycling schemes and for many applications.

WT1000 REL weighing system dual or single weighing

  • Single range  weighing
  • 2.5kgs to 600kgs
  • Certificate of Approval – NMI 6/20A/9

WT3000 FEL weighing system

REL Bin weigh system utilises robust NMI certified loadcells which have 400% overload protection. A unique feature is the trans-verse mounting which minimises the overhang from the Lifter. Our bin lift scales are recognized as one of the best in the Industry for both quality and reliability, and have been in use throughout Europe with some of the leading waste operators and public sector clients. The systems can be tailored to your exact requirements, and are ideal for collection and recording of net and gross weights, for highlighting excessive loads, and for recycling and incentive schemes. Options available for RFID, Onboard Computer, Collection software, Printer, Packer cut off, GPS Tracking and Fleet management.

  • Single range weighing
  • 25kgs to 2500kgs
  • Certificate of Approval – NMI 6/20A/8


The Green Chassis range is available in 4, 6 or 8 cell configurations and is suitable for the most demanding applications due to it’s 400% overload design protection.

The Green series range is a Internationally certified Legal for Trade Class IV Chassis scale under European standard EN45501:1992 non – automatic weighing systems. The Green Chassis range fully complies with the UK’s business to business waste charging by weight legislation in accordance with NWML Requirements. The system also meets all European Standards for trade waste weight charging use in any EU Member state.

The Green series Underbody Scale system provides verified and approved chassis scales that measure the weight of the load on the body to prevent overloading fines & prosecutions, and to prevent any excessive wear and tear. The Green series Underbody scale system has a comparative low investment cost whilst providing a very robust and low maintenance weighing solution. Load-cells are Mounted between the chassis and body on a low profile mount which provides for minimal change to the body height to provide a very precise weight whilst maintaining stability. Weight can be shown as Net on the last loaded weight or as Gross for the total payload. Option available for in-cab Printer, Onboard computer, Collection software, Packer cut off, GPS Tracking and Fleet management.

  • Underbody weighing
  • Single range weighing
  • 8tonne capacity load cells