Weighing Solutions



When all or part of your revenue is based on collected weight data there are no margins for error. Providing the only NMI Class 4 certified systems in Australia, we meet the stringent requirements that your clients demand of you.

TWS Australia weighing systems are certified by Australian Government, Department of Industry, Innovation & Science – National Measurement Institute for both Class 3 and Class 4 for the rear end loader compactor and the front end loader compactor as per attach documents.  

TWS products have been developed using the most durable metal alloys, and our attention to detail is shown in the quality of the Fabrication of our components.

Our weighing systems are regarded as some of the best throughout Europe and now Australia.

The unique precision and accuracy in our product provides for a winning solution for our customers.

All instruments have a built-in 15% tilt compensation to the front-end and 10% sideways.

Our unique reporting and analytics tools fit all platforms and work with all recognised databases. Your company will have full control of all costs and bin-lifts that your fleet collects in real time

TWS Australia is a partner TWSab Sweden for both product and advanced technical support. 


Weighing Systems